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US, Somalia forces raid on camp runs by Al Shabaab


MOGADISHU — Somali army backed by African Union [AU] and U.S. forces have unleashed a joint offensive against a hideout belonging to Al Shabaab.

The joint raid took place in Mubarak town about 65 kilometer Southwest of Mogadishum killing at least 3 militants, after the coalition forces raided an Al-Shabaab camp.

“Somali troops, along with U.S. soldiers attacked an Al Shabaab camp, achieving notable gains, while killing ” 3 terrorists”,” Somalia’s Intelligence said.

The allied troops reportedly liberated Mubarak from the Islamists following a heavy gunfight.

It’s yet unclear the exact number of casualties on foreign forces.

Mubarak is close to Dar-assalam area, where a US Navy SEAL member was killed by Al Shabaab last year during joint military operation.

Somalia’s Al Shabaab claimed to have foiled US and Somali special forces raid on Mubarak town last night.

Two bullet-ruddled bodies of soldiers were reportedly seen in the town, according to Radio Andulus, an Al Shabaab mouthpeice.

Al-Shabab is battling the Western-backed Somali government to establish Islamic rule in the country.

The Somali forces fighting the group have been backed by an African Union mission made up of forces from several African nations.

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