Home English News Deadly fighting kills 27 people in central Somalia

Deadly fighting kills 27 people in central Somalia


MOGADISHU, Somalia – At least 27 people have been killed in heavy fighting broke out between armed militias backed by Somali government forces and Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab militants near Buloburde town.

Buloburde , a town some 300km away from Mogadishu.

The fighting erupted after local armed militias started to fight against Al Shabaab in areas near Buloburde and Mokoqori towns, according to Mohamed Hussein, a fuel seller.

Hussein says the clash flared up over huge levies imposed by Al Shabaab but local armed militias known as Ma’awisley refused to abide by the orders and started to fight with Al Shabaab.

“Heavy clashes continued for the 3rd day between Al-Shabab fighters and government-backed local militias in areas between Bulobarde and Moqokori in Hiran region”, he said.

The skirmish killed at least 27 people – 17 militants and 10 Ma’awisley militias, according to police officer, who asked to be anonymous.

He says heavy weaponries could be heard through the towns, as local residents started to flee over the fighting lasted for the past 3 days.

There were no immediate comments from Somalia government officials and Al Shabaab over the battle near towns in central Somalia.

Reporting by Abdirisak Mohamud Tuuryare from Mogadishu, Somalia

Jawaab Dhaaf

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